Competition Monitoring and Analysis

Deep dive and monitor strategies and operations of your main competitors

Customers and Prospects Analysis

Understand needs, structure, strategic plans and main movements of your corporate customers

Market Intelligence Outsourcing

Outsource the entire or part of your market intelligence operations

Business Partners

Find and identify new business partners and monitor your relationship with your partner ecosystem

Applied Scientific Methods is a Brazilian multinational company focused on providing market intelligence services globally. For nearly 12 years, ASM has helped large companies to take business decisions more accurately and efficiently.

ASM provide its customers with insightful and relevant information on their competitors, business partners and final clients.

ASM customized projects range from specific ad-hoc to continuing monitoring, including customized platform developments or even the fully absorption of intelligence functions through outsourcing contracts.

Competition Monitoring and Analysis

ASM provides its customers with two types of information on competition: competitive profiles or on-going monitoring. 

Competitive profiles are customized projects developed for analyzing each competitor by using several types of research methodology. A competitive profile standard scope includes information on structure, sale strategies, growth plans, market share and portfolio analysis.

On-going monitoring are continuous projects aiming at monitoring specific subjects such as pricing, business partnership expansions, sales performance and strategy, and so on. Outputs can be delivered in a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis according to our customer needs.

The research methods applied to each project is carefully thought according to the final objectives, type of information tracked and needs of our customers.

Customers and Prospects Analysis

ASM provides customers with two types of information on its corporate accounts and prospects:

Customer profile is an in-depth analysis about a specific customer or prospect. Project scopes may cover strategic information such as investment plans, market positioning, organizational structure, and tactical ones like purchase policy analysis and identification of decision makers and influencers.

ASM has a broad experience in profiling customers and prospects of different sizes, vertical segments, and geographies as North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Market research: projects are aimed at obtaining information on specific factors and characteristics of a group of companies.

According to the goals and research problems of each project, ASM applies structured methodologies such as Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping, in-depth interviews, call and web surveys

The market research projects developed and delivered by ASM support projects such as Satisfaction Assessment (for customers, channels, and partners), Win-Loss Analysis and Brand Positioning.

Business Partners

ASM offers two types of services related to business partners: finding and profiling and software solutions for managing partnership performance.

Finding and profiling includes business partner search, identification, and profiling across Latin America according to ASM customer needs and goals.

In this sense, ASM helps its customers to select and recruit business partners consistently and safely. Allowing for an intelligent expansion of their geographical coverage and information for the optimization of their indirect sales strategy and partnership programs.

Software solutions are developed and customized for each ASM customer according to its specific needs.

ASM has been increasing its knowhow in the development of solutions able to support, manage and optimize the relationship with business partners, covering areas such as: Sales and Inventory, Incentive Campaigns, Commercial Relationship.

Market Intelligence Outsourcing

ASM can also help its customers to reduce costs with personnel and information services by providing either full or partial outsourcing of market intelligence activities. This offering is based on more than 20 years of experience in managing and executing market intelligence projects global companies.

Lately, outsourcing of market intelligence functions has become one of the major trends in the strategic marketing area globally. These projects can be delivered through the allocation of ASM personnel in out customers’ structures or on our own offices.

The outsourced teams are allocated exclusively by project/customer to guarantee availability, quality and increase on the segment knowledge.

In outsourcing projects, ASM make available to its customers all its experience in the market intelligence area, along with its research management processes and methodologies allowing for immediate results in an economical and simplified fashion.

12 years of a history based on work, focus, commitment and results

ASM has become one of the most stable and financially healthy consulting companies in Latin America. Over 70% of its revenue come from continuous projects, which allows for a stable, planned and systematic organic growth.

Megabytes of ASM customer data processed on our servers on a daily basis.

Competitive profiles delivered as of July 2017

Corporate customers profiled as of July 2017


ASM provide services to companies from different sizes and sectors, with a keen specialization on corporate markets (B2B). Continuing monitoring customers count with dedicated staff for operations and deliveries.


ASM management team accumulates more than 20 years of experience in the market intelligence area acquired both on consulting companies and large multinational marketing structures.

André Rossini

André Rossini

Software Development Director

Bruno Rossi

Bruno Rossi

Latin America Consulting Director

Sandra Pires

Sandra Pires

Consulting Director

Strategic Positioning

ASM is a market intelligence consulting firm focused on providing services and solutions for large local and global companies worldwide.


Our mission is to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction by providing high quality consulting services while aiming at maximizing life quality and personal development to our team members.


To become a quality reference in providing market intelligence and monitoring services all over Latin America with a high degree of commitment to our customers, team members and values.

Our Values

The values that are in center of ASM culture and are the basis for our strategies, goals, processes and daily activities are the following:

  • Respect to every people and organizations.
  • Ethics e Transparency in all relationships.
  • Commitment with goals, work teams, clients and organizational values.
  • Cooperation  among out staff members and between ASM and its clients and business partners.
  • PlanningFocusMethod  e      Accuracy on project execution.
  • Quality in every relationship, work processes and service deliverables.

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